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Fussy eaters are no problem here. In fact, they’re welcome

Let’s imagine a scenario we’re all familiar with. You’ve finally reached the end of a stressful week and you don’t fancy cooking (or shopping, or washing up.) You don’t want it to be a big business and you certainly don’t have a big budget. 

Let’s throw a couple of kids into the mix and assume they’re fussy eaters. One wants this, another wants that, but without the sauce. And with extra cheese…In fact, it doesn’t even have to be kids. Everyone has that one friend who has dressing on the side, or want the chef to hold the carbs, or ‘can you spice it up a little?’ Then there’s splitting the bill at the end, which can get so complicated it makes Brexit negotiations look like a primary school maths lesson. 

With all these things to consider, it’s a wonder anyone goes out to eat at all.

But eating out is supposed to be the easier and more relaxed option. And Vapiano has the answer to all the above, which is what makes it such a perfect dining choice for groups and families all over Europe and beyond.

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If you’ve never visited one of their 180 branches worldwide (including the Manchester branch in the Corn Exchange) expect fast and casual, tailor-made Italian food, semi-self service style. Vapiano has been described by one German daily newspaper as a cross between a pasta restaurant, pizzeria, lounge and bar in an Italian style. Once you have got your head round the basic principle that this restaurant works in a slightly different way to regular restaurants, you’re good to go - regardless of who you’re bringing and however fussy they are.

Each customer is given their own Vapiano card at reception, which they can use to scan at each food station, or flash at the server when ordering drinks or desserts (up to the value of £50 – if you need another one, just ask.)

Sit at one of the tables with a drink and have a scan through the menu for inspiration – there’s also a Vapiano kids menu offering a choice of pasta dishes or pizza for £5.95.

The menu shows a wide selection of antipasti, soup, salad, pasta dishes, risotto or pizza and in the restaurant you’ll see the different open counters and chefs waiting to cook it all for you from scratch.

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Vapiano actually make eleven different types of pasta in house every day using high quality durum wheat semolina and water. Two of those pasta shapes are made using wholemeal spelt flour and, because all the pasta is egg free, its suitable for vegans. 

Sauce-wise, not only can you choose from various vegetarian, seafood or meat options, but you can add or take away ingredients to suit your tastes or dietary requirements. Pimp up your pasta or salad by adding more ingredients; chicken, king prawns, fillet beef, salmon or extra mozzarella. 

Simply order at the food counter, scan your card and watch your dish being made in front of your very eyes, or you can return in a few minutes to pick it up and take it back to your table.

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Vapiano’s pizza section works in a similar way – using dough made daily on the premises, of course. Order off menu or mix and match your toppings to suit. You even get a buzzer so you can return to your table until it lights up and you can pick up your steaming hot pizza straight from the oven as soon as it’s ready.

Young kids especially take to this whole concept of making choices and being given a little more responsibility for picking up their order as well as watching chefs create their dish in front of their eyes.

So next time you want a truly fuss free lunch or dinner with friends or family, Vapiano might be everything you need.

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