Moss Side-born Michael Enright played the American pop star as a tribute to victims of the Manchester Arena bombing

A Manchester-born actor who left Hollywood in 2015 to fight ISIS in Syria has played Ariana Grande in the liberated city of Raqqa as tribute to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing.

Moss Side-born Michael Enright, 52, who left his career - which included roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and Dead Man's Chest - to join the Kurdish YPG militia (Popular Protection Units), played the pop singer's hit Bang Bang in Naim Square, where the jihadist militant group carried out multiple public executions.

Filmed in the square by ANF News following a US-backed siege by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) last week, Enright, carrying a rifle and playing the hit on his phone, said: "Because I'm from Manchester, and they came to my city, they came to my city, and they tried to shut up Ariana Grande, that she would be the first one to sing.

"They didn't shut her up and they didn't shut Manchester up, because she's singing bang bang, and you know what happened? I came, we came, and we did bang bang, and you (ISIS) left, you ran away."

In a recent interview with The Times, Enright said he had "seen a lot of things" and now wished to return home.

The footage comes five months after Salman Abedi walked into an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena and detonated a homemade bomb which killed 22 people and injured many more. ISIS later claimed the attack.

The liberation of Raqqa marks the fall of the Islamic State's last stronghold in Syria.