Boerewors and Bunny Chow – nothing is going to come near brunch at Chakalaka

START the day the South African way – with a full-on plate of food. Head to the Northern Quarter, and you’ll find Chakalaka Kitchen & Bar opening its Oldham Street earlier on weekends, serving up four brunch specials plus breakfast cocktails every Saturday and Sunday from 10am.

From this weekend, you’ll be able to take your pick from four brunch dishes – two involve fruit, and two don’t. On the fruit front, there’s a plate liberally dolloped with yoghurt studded with berries on one side and a good helping of granola on the other – even this isn’t for the faint hearted. Alternatively, ease into proceedings with a stack of fluffy pancakes piled with fresh fruit and drenched in maple syrup.

Exhibit number two: the Breakfast Bunny Chow. Overflowing with bacon and beans and bangers, that should keep you quiet for a while.

Non fruit wise, there are two meaty brekkies to make your peace with. First up, the Full English with bacon rashers, baked beans, grilled tomato, scrambled egg and copious amounts of toast – plus a traditional South African Boerewors. Chakalaka’s famous beef and pork sausages are made especially for the restaurant by a local South African butcher using a special mix of spices for a big bite of the BBQ or Braai speciality.

Exhibit number two: the Breakfast Bunny Chow. Based on the super-popular curry bunny chow on the main menu, for this brunch special, the Chakalaka team take that hunk of freshly baked, hollow bread loaf, and stuff it with all your Full English favourites. Overflowing with bacon and beans and bangers, that should keep you quiet for a while.

We doubt you’ll find the space, but if you do, you could wash down the food with a breakfast cocktail or two – on the cards are Mimosas, Gin Fizz with lemon juice, sugar and soda, perfect if you dn’t like tonics, and the unique Rooibos MarTEAni, “Roy-boss Martini” or just plain Rooibos Martini. However way you want to say or spell it, it consists of creamy Amarula mixed with floral notes of Rooibos tea and cherry vodka: truly unique and £7.50.

Whatever you fancy, you’re not likely to find this kind of brunch anywhere else, so best start forming an orderly queue.

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