Things are about to get very messy

Look out there's a monster coming:  FSK stacks up five years

THE craze for filthy burgers might be oh so 2012, but there is still a big appetite for those unfeasibly cumbersome creations that topple when touched and leave you covered in the sort of cheesy remains that should only be allowed after the watershed. 

And we're not talking about the platform at Aintree Station this weekend.

No. We still can't get enough of 'em. Why else would the big players still be in business? Almost Famous, Nolita Cantina, Death Row Diner and the one with, by far, the freshest air, Free State Kitchen.

Set within the charming gardens of a convent behind Hope Street, FSK, which was the very close runner up in our best burger poll a couple of years ago is celebrating five years in the game  - not with a cake but with this big 'un. 

You can only get it on one lucky day: Friday 13th April.

Naturally there is five of everything in this stack: five beef patties, five rashers of streaky bacon and five slices of cheese food amid all the gunk, plus a heap of fries.  Is it £5? Is it heck, it’s £15.

The diminutive Maryland Street diner also turns out some very good buffalo hot wings, so those of a more delicate persuasion, or simply looking for a freebie, might want to know  that the first 20 people to bring the team a birthday card on Friday will be treated to a portion on the house.

“Head down this Friday to join in with the fun,” they say. “Hopefully the sun will make an appearance for diners to enjoy the beautiful garden space at the restaurant too.”